Lion Rampant

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Re: Lion Rampant

Post by redmist1122 »

I enjoy them...I made up a "Hollywood" force to filed the "Wendol" from the the movie, "The 13th Warrior"...pretty bad ass!
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Re: Lion Rampant

Post by Dragoon »

After logging in
I’ve just written a post about Osprey games and similar
Opening rule books to get my facts straight
I was asked to log in again
And it wiped the lot out

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Re: Lion Rampant

Post by IanKH »

Lion Rampant and Dragon Rampant are okay. They're not the slightest bit highbrow or anything but then: the author doesn't make any such claim. They're just a fun medieval miniatures game and provide a good excuse to put your figures on the table with some nice terrain.

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