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Re: New Blog - Getting back into Miniatures and the FIW

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:43 am
by CentralCoastCorsair
Another day and another update, this time two posts to make up for yesterday's gap (no pressure, I already had the drafts in hard copy, I just didn't post them yesterday as some orders arrived and I got distracted by ooh new shiny. ... tures.html
Where I talk about why I chose 28mm ... tures.html
Choosing a range (note the singular) it lasted about 72 hours between writing the first draft before I bought figures from another manufacturer and then posted to the blog.

Off to a local model shop later to hopefully get some 60ml Vallejo Primers as Mighty Ape are out of stock of the ones I need.

So far orders/purchases to arrive are:
  • Painting station
  • a selection of Army Painter tufts that were on sale
  • Warlord 28mm - Armed Settlers, Last of the Mohicans, British Characters, Frontiersmen, and Indian leaders pack

* I have to laugh at the blatant spam first post from "Shooter"