SP2: A Belated Xmas Gift

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SP2: A Belated Xmas Gift

Post by bvera »

The battle report of the game played today is now available in my blog, the third scenario of our Corunna retreat campaign for Sharp practice

The silver of the King is in danger, the French are approaching... will General Moore let the army's money chests fall to the enemy? Inspired in true events (seriously)

http://mylardiesgames.blogspot.com.es/2 ... -gift.html
...and visit my blog! http://mylardiesgames.blogspot.com.es/

Juan Mancheño
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Re: SP2: A Belated Xmas Gift

Post by Juan Mancheño »

Great AAR and very interesting campaign. I think the Cavalry can be more useful in only-Cavalry games or in its dismounted role.

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