IABSM's Canadian VC in 6mm

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IABSM's Canadian VC in 6mm

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The latest remote viewing and text game was from the IABSM rule book. Scenario 4, A Canadian VC. This game is based on the August 19, 1944 Canadian advance into St Lambert where the Allies are trying to plug the Falaise Gap. Normandy games look nice but with terrain like this you really have to send a lot of pics to convey the tight confines of views available. I did adjust the basic map a bit to add more buildings and some walls. Really one of the best scenarios I've played/run. We had 4 players scattered around Atlanta area and in Florida.
Germans had to hold off the Allies and prevent them from capturing the main crossroads. Grenadiers (Martin) had 2- 2 section platoons, 1 with a pzshrk and 1 with a pzfst/sect. The 3rd zug had a section and a MMG team and 2 pzfst. The armor under William was a zug of 2 PzIVHs and a zug of a Tiger and a Panther.
Canadian infantry has 2 platoons of 3 sect and a Company HQ of Maj Ivan Martin (Level III). Lt Gil Armour (III) has the 1st pla and CSM G Mitchell (II) the 2nd. Jess was the infantry CO and Sheridan the armor. There were 2 troops of Shermans in support. Maj Dave Currie (III) and Capt John Redden (II) were the leaders.
Link to the fickr AAR:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/6mmgaming ... 5137698018

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Re: IABSM's Canadian VC in 6mm

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WOW! As always, such a great looking table in this scale and some tremendous overhead shots - you really bring out the cinematic quality of a game! Beautiful to behold.
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