pt 2 FJ defense of Wulkow 4/45

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pt 2 FJ defense of Wulkow 4/45

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We played this one remotely back in June and I just got around to editing the pics. 2 new players from the 1st game, but it picks up as the 2nd wave of Soviets are attacking.
Jess is now the FJ player and Sheridan the Soviet.
The defenders are down 28 out of 76 men, both Paks are gone, 1 MMG gone, and they have 3 Hetzers left. Both the 120mm mortar btty and the 150mm sfH 18 were still around but would soon have to displace.
Sheridan had a new company from the 301st Rifle Div 1050 Inf Rgt,of 2, 3 sect platoons. A T34/85 (8 tanks) company from 51st Bttn, 220 Seperate Tk Brig and the surviving IS2 of the 92nd Gds Hvy Tk Rgt 1 IS2 was immobilsed but could provide fire support. The MMGs were also available to give support from the industrial area. 82mm mortars were also a possibility. ... 5102191108

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Re: pt 2 FJ defense of Wulkow 4/45

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Getting slaughtered by a surprising amount of opponents.

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