Game 10 in the Malaya 42 CoC campaign

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Game 10 in the Malaya 42 CoC campaign

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This game was really the last scenario in Len Tracey's Malaya 1942 mini campaign from the TFL special. It was the 10th game that we had done in this series. After #9 the original Aussie platoon under Lt Archie Cobb had been reduced to just a few men so this was beefed up with replacements to such a degree that it was now Green. This is really a bonus game as the Japanese offensive is behind schedule. The scenario involves a Japanese assault on a bridge over a canal. We made this into a 4 player game with 2 Green Aussies platoons and 1 Japanese infantry platoon and a big tank force of 3 Type 95s and 2 Type 97s.
We really love this series and had some great cinematic moments already.
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Re: Game 10 in the Malaya 42 CoC campaign

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Great stuff as always.
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