Ebor Lard Report

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Ebor Lard Report

Post by Counterpane »

Ebor lard II this Saturday was great! Thanks, John and the other locals for organising it.

You can see my report (mainly focussing on my Maximilian Adventure games inevitably) here:

https://thelandofcounterpane.blogspot.c ... -2019.html


If you haven't managed to get to a Lardy day yet, I highly recommend doing so!

Richard C (Crawley not Clarke)

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Re: Ebor Lard Report

Post by Snowy »

My first Lardy day, what a cracking day, my face was aching from laughing so much.

Huge thanks to Simon and Charlie for putting on some phenominal games of Trumpton and Indian Revolution.



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Re: Ebor Lard Report

Post by MLB »

Great report. I too forgot to bring my white fibre ‘smoke’ markers to a demonstration game I was putting on. I had a moment of panic before heading out to the nearest charity shop and buying the cheapest cushion I could find. I ripped the stuffing out and had more than enough smoke for the game.
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Re: Ebor Lard Report

Post by Truscott Trotter »

Gee Mark I hope you didn't do that in front of the little old ladies in the charity shop?
They might've thought you were some sorta weird cushion pyscho killer 😉

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Re: Ebor Lard Report

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

As opposed to......?
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