There Are Many Rivers to Cross AAR Game 7 (Game 10 Posted 20 Sept)

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Re: There Are Many Rivers to Cross AAR Game 7 (Game 10 Posted 20 Sept)

Post by Joe Neg » Mon Sep 23, 2019 2:16 pm


Pleased that so many of you enjoyed the series. Looking forward to the next campaign.

TT, agree that the FOO took it in the shorts. However a number of decisions in the course of the game transpired to provide that outcome:

1) FOO deployed with a squad and an SL - could have been a much different outcome
2) Advantages of deploying WITH the squad AND the SL (greater likelihood to activate) were pointed out to German commander
3) When they were able to activate FOO (German Commander) wanted the vantage point of the upstairs window, trusting in hard cover - SL wanted to deploy where he could bring squad's full firepower to account. In my mind, a fresh from school FOO told the SL to mind his own business and allow the FOO to do his job.
4) FOO deployed in house, SL and Squad moved to soft cover in a hedge line across a 4" road from the house - no chance to split the hits...
5) The chance of spotting the FOO entering the building was discussed and resolved on a 1 in 3 chance on the roll of 1D6. French got lucky, no question. German commander got punished for his decision.

Could have/should have been a much different outcome. FOO deployed early AND contacted the battery. A mortar barrage prior to recovery from the effects of the Stuka attack would have locked down French deployment points and made the German mission much easier!

With regard to the H35, he SHOULD have been brewed up! Pak 36 deploys, clear shot to flank armor, JL uses both CI - need a 6 to hit. Rolls a 4. Scheisse!

No guarantee that we got all the rules right and/or took proper advantage of all tactical choices, but it was a great - and fun - learning experience with a great set of rules and campaign. Will probably replay soon with different forces.


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Re: There Are Many Rivers to Cross AAR Game 7 (Game 10 Posted 20 Sept)

Post by Truscott Trotter » Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:50 pm

Indeed with the German Commander on the Russian front! 😃😎

PS It could have been worse I spose he could have entered a building with the UXB!

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