CoC Malaya 42 Game 9 The Roadblock

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CoC Malaya 42 Game 9 The Roadblock

Postby mluther » Thu May 18, 2017 12:22 am

So onto Game 9 which was one of the more cinematic games that I've played.
The scenario requires the Aussies to take out a Japanese roadblock to enable their retreat to continue and transport out casualties and heavy equipment.

William had the remains of Cobb's platoon further reduced to 15 men  Cpl Keegan is acting pla sgt.  John brought the reduced platoon of Lt Tinline back with 22 men total. 
The Aussie did have a lot of support points to work with-Cobb's platoon starts at a minus 6 compared to a standard Japanese platoon of +1.  So the Diggers went with a pre game barrage, a FO for 3" mortars and two demo teams to be sure to take out the block. 
They would start on the far edge from the road.
I was the Japanese player and went with 2) MMG teams in entrenchments and 2) Chi Ha tanks.  I just finished them so they had to get on board  And this would give me equal points to the Aussies. This was a fresh platoon since the one in the last game had such high casualties.  Rikugun Ebina Kano and Gunzo Sawanda Yoshiyuki were the leaders.

It ended in quite a blaze of action with not many survivors for a Game 10. But Cobb will be back with the green Diggers to hold the bridge.

Link to flickr set and AAR with descriptions: ... 378236031/
ImageCoC Game 9. The Roadblock by Mark Luther, on Flickr
ImageMMG has some targets by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageCobb's men along the berm by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageGratiutous tank picture by Mark Luther, on Flickr
ImageMortars finally by Mark Luther, on Flickr

Image2nd Chi Ha by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageCobb pulls back with the demo team after clearing out the MMG nest by Mark Luther, on Flickr

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Re: CoC Malaya 42 Game 9 The Roadblock

Postby oozeboss » Thu May 18, 2017 2:16 am

I've hardly been subtle in expressing how much enjoyment both your visually stunning games and absorbing AAR's of this campaign have provided me, but this one really takes the cake. Your series is a fantastic referral point for playing campaigns (which have always been my preferred context for any wargames), and each successive game in your own epic series just gets better and better. This game has certainly raised that bar one more time.

And I did enjoy the incongruous sight of the rule book in the left corner of the first picture, with its totally out of place Landser undoubtedly feeling very relieved at not having to endure the humidity and tropical nastiness of Malaya.

So yet again, much respect and many thanks. (Stop me if you've heard this before ..... .)

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But I believe that I am a glow-worm."

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