It's all a matter of size

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It's all a matter of size

Post by andy_cole »

Having got into the lard with Quadrant 13 and then Coc I've found myself branching out from my traditional 28mm into other scales, 15mm for Q13 and 20mm for some moderns/insurgents stuff, as well as my very old 6mm sci fi. I have found I can knock out a squad or two of alright looking 15 or 20mm figures in no time, and love the increased space I have on my table, so...

If I was to give up on 28mm and were to try to stick to one of these scales should I go 15 or 20mm? I would probably start with some forces for Coc, then possibly build up to IABSM, plastic soldier company have caught my eye.

So any thought from the wider Lard community on this...

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Re: It's all a matter of size

Post by agent_pumpkin »

I have found that sticking to one scale is very hard, but for playing CoC and IABSM I would say 15mm is your best bet. This would be suitable for Q13 and any modern bit you may do as well.

Personally I use 6mm for IABSM and have both 15mm and 28mm for CoC. I didn't want to return to 28mm, but found it difficult to resist!
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Re: It's all a matter of size

Post by Archdukek »

The games will play very well whichever scale you choose. If you have no preference model wise then I'd go with whatever scale you have the terrain for. Makes life much easier.
Despite having 15mm figures and terrain for IABSM I couldn't resist the temptation to play CoC in 28mm, so now I've had to find the space for more terrain to match that scale.

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Re: It's all a matter of size

Post by Seret »

Personally I'm really bad at making terrain and my club has lots for 28mm so that seals it for me. Painting the miniatures for a new army is enough work without having to redo all the terrain as well. Potentially expensive, too.

Of course if you love making terrain then you'd probably take the exact opposite view...

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Re: It's all a matter of size

Post by RichardD »

I like 15mm when I have 60 minis in uniform to paint, nice and quick and looks good with a simple paintjob.

For skirmish games of 20 minis where each is different 28mm is more interesting. I personally went for 15mm for CoC but part of that was the lower cost and big selection

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