Perry British Hussars

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Perry British Hussars

Post by bunguster »

I'm about to paint up some Perry British Hussars for a Sharp Practice unit and I have a query regarding one detail on the figure mould.
Just under the rider's right armpit there is a moulded detail that looks roughly round in shape. It is attached to the main cross belt from the left shoulder. I thought at first water bottle but that is discernable under the left arm. Then I concluded cartridge box but the shape looks wrong.
Can anyone who has painted up these particular figures advise on what it supposed to be and what colour it should be?
Thanks in advance.
Paul C

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Re: Perry British Hussars

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

I can see why the shape would be confusing, because the item is so rarely seen from above and hence that shape/profile is unusual, but from the position, it can only be the cartouche/cartridge box (also known as a "giberne"); it would be black leather.
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