Lardies at CRISIS?

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Re: Lardies at CRISIS?

Post by Quackstheking »

Perhaps we should all just wear a label that says “I love CoC”! Just remember to take it off before drinking in a bar later!


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Re: Lardies at CRISIS?

Post by shandy »

Great, 13:00 at the Lardie table with appropriate shirt & handshake!

Chris Gilbride
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Re: Lardies at CRISIS?

Post by Chris Gilbride »

Hey Derek, promise us you're not wearing the kilt again, please. Once was more than enough. :-)
You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

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Re: Lardies at CRISIS?

Post by Jfuller39 »

Ok so my sleep lacking brain (1yr old who is cutting two molars at the same time in the back of his little mouth)...

I misread “at CRISIS” as “in CRISIS” and was immensely concerned at first. I’ve got it figured out now, no worries.

I hope you all have a great time AT CRISIS (not “in crisis”) and perhaps someday I’ll hop the pond and come myself.

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