Lard Locator board please!

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Lard Locator board please!

Post by sjwalker51 »

I know it’s been suggested before, but please could the Web Elf be persuaded to add a new board to the forum, that would enable us to find each other more easily?

Only this week there have been enquiries on Facebook from new converts to Lard, asking if there are any players in Lincolnshire and South Wales. Trouble is, such posts on FB, like the yahoo group, tend to get too quickly drowned out by later posts, with few or no responses.

As TFL reaches more and more new players, putting them in touch with each other can only be a good thing and we remain remarkably disconnected.

How about it, Big Rich?

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Re: Lard Locator board please!

Post by sjwalker51 »

Typical, 60 views and not a single comment, good or bad - you anti-social bunch! :-)

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Re: Lard Locator board please!

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

I think it's a great idea and I'm happy to add my own club - Wessex Wargames Society - and list our website which has our contact details:-

(scroll down to the bottom and click on "wessex wargames society" [next to "contact us"] to get a list of meeting dates and other data)

We have an extended weekend of gaming on 6th/7th October and would welcome any prospective new members, or just pop in to say hello and register an interest if you happen to be in the area (Southampton has one of the largest IKEA's in the UK, if you are looking for an excuse that will impress the other half).

We are currently in talks with the Southampton (as opposed to Portsmouth) version of Solent Wargames Club, which meets at Sarisbury Green Community Centre, to organise a Lardy Day ("Come and have a go if you think you're Lard enough!") in 2019, and their co-ordinator, Mark Backhouse, has already approached Richard and Nick for their co-operation/involvement. Incidentally, both our clubs are off-shoots of the Wessex Military History Society founded by Don Featherstone and Tony Bath back in the 1960s, and thus possibly the oldest continuous civilian wargames clubs in the UK, if not the entire world/solar system/galaxy.

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Re: Lard Locator board please!

Post by edleland »

Shoot, this is a good idea, so I'll join in. If we don't get a dedicated area, then maybe we just turn this thread into the defacto player finder? Anyway, here's my info:

Ed Leland, Richmond, VA, USA

I'm primarily a 28mm Chain of Command player but looking to branch out into more Sharp Practice and IABSM.

Rich H
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Re: Lard Locator board please!

Post by Rich H »

Yep its a good idea ;)

Preston Lancs.

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Re: Lard Locator board please!

Post by Seret »

Anyone in the vicinity of Gravesend/Darford UK is always welcome to come pop their head into the Gravesend Wargamers Club. We play CoC, WaT, SP and loads else besides.

We meet from 7:30pm every Weds evening, DA11 9EU.

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john de terre neuve
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Re: Lard Locator board please!

Post by john de terre neuve »

I think this is a great idea. It would be nice if more formalised.

I live in the Boston suburbs and play CoC (20mm), SP2 (28mm), DuxB (28mm), WaT(20mm), GdA (15mm) and PC (15mm) from the TFL stockpile.

I usually play at the Hobby Bunker in Malden, MA which is open every day of the week but has extended hours for gaming until 10pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Opens at 10am Saturday and noon on Sunday for gaming until 6pm.

There are gaming clubs in the area but the one based at the Hobby Bunker is not particularly TFL friendly (big into Warlord Games rulesets) but there are plenty of tables and when we play TFL games there is certainly interest.

Local TFL gamers on this forum that I know and have played with are:
Tom Ballou
Mike P-custosarmorum
Adam C-Fencing Frog
Greg S-gsymko
Dick B-mgluteus

It would be great if there were more in the area. If there are any nascent TFLers in the area please reply or use the PM system.


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Derek H
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Re: Lard Locator board please!

Post by Derek H »

The South East Scotland Wargames Club in Edinburgh is knee deep in Lard.
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Re: Lard Locator board please!

Post by Archdukek »

And I'm always happy to run a TFL game at Falkirk District Wargames Club. Not just CoC and SP, but other old favourites like Kiss Me Hardy, Bag the Hun, If the Lord Spare Us, Coastal Patrol or Dux B.

John Ewing
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Re: Lard Locator board please!

Post by butchyboy73 »

Jim McCabe here in Glasgow

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