Algernon pulls it off rules?

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Algernon pulls it off rules?

Post by Danni1 »

Hi-I came across this in an old Special, and I was wondering if there was a .pdf of the rules being offered anywhere?

Danni Lee

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Re: Algernon pulls it off rules?

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Danni,
The original Algernon rules have not been available for some considerable time in any format. Big Rich does mutter occasionally that version 2 of Algy is something he'd like to get around to, but I doubt it will emerge any time soon.

However, the 2009 TFL Summer Special contains an excellent article by Tim Beresford " Algy Pulls a Fast One" which is a fast play version of the original rules which works very well. I would heartily recommend it. You can use them to play the various Algy scenarios which pop up in the early Specials.


Chris Gilbride
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Re: Algernon pulls it off rules?

Post by Chris Gilbride »

I think Version 2 was available as a playtest version, Hexless Algy. I know that because it was announced a couple of weeks after I'd bought a couple of hex mats. :-) It's a stonking good game and deserves to see the light of day once again. So, aim for Easter.
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