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Re: Lardy Podcast

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A bit late to the thread but I'll second this.

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Re: Lardy Podcast

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I like your field trips in that they are a visual of what we had to turn to before vlogs and technology such as Google Earth, namely the old Battlefield "Then and Now" books.
I think the Pint campaigns could be enhanced with some of your fieldwork. Then they would be "Half & Half" campaigns priced at a half pint oi beer and a shot of whiskey.
Another topic for me is how to gamer proof the rule sets. Mine have been assaulted by spilled coke, beer and greasy fingers, none of which are mine.
Lastly aides for the Umpire. I don't like table clutter and occasional players have trouble remebering the mechanics for the game. I was thinking of having a Quick Reference sheet printed poster size and put up on the walls opposite the players. Tips for Game mastering multiplayer games would be appreciated.

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Re: Lardy Podcast

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I have a very large white board in my gaming room and I print QRS on multiple A3 sheets and have them up on that with magnets to hold them in place - it really is so much easier. Otherwise, I have a separate table for GM stuff.

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