US Military Manuals

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US Military Manuals

Post by jarhead60mm »

Rich and other interested Lardies,

I posted this on the Yahoo group, but I know some just use this forum.

I don't know if you have these or even know of them.

Offensive Combat of Small Infantry Units (US Gov't Printing Office 1942)

Defensive Combat of Small Infantry Units (Marine Corps Schools 1943)

Both were "Published for Instructional Purposes Only"


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Re: US Military Manuals

Post by Truscott Trotter »

Fascinating stuff thanks Terry

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Re: US Military Manuals

Post by Seret »

Cheers Terry, good find.

Not a manual, but I found this the other day:

Busting the Bocage: American Combined Arms Operations in France 6 June--31 July 1944

Interesting reading for anyone running Normandy games.

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