Colours Today

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Colours Today

Post by Richard »

I will be there with Sidney. Anyone else heading for the shit hole that is Newbury Race Course?


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John Thomas8
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Re: Colours Today

Post by John Thomas8 »

Enjoy the day as a mere mortal, play a game of something just as a player.

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Vis Bellica
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Re: Colours Today

Post by Vis Bellica »

I should be there today, domestic matters allowing. Probably late morning to early afternoon.


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Re: Colours Today

Post by geoffb »

Sunday for me


Paul Sturman
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Re: Colours Today

Post by Paul Sturman »

Sorry I missed you but managed to pick up some more Italians and the Perry's Afrika Corps figures, look really good. Got some more hedges, you can never have enough! Liked the look of the grass mats from Hedgerow Scenics, tucked away in the annexe and Rob is working on a similar mat that you can use to make the margins next to hedges. Price seems reasonable at £15.00 for two foot square, if you are there and talk to Rob he'll be pleased to show you how to "texture" it. The example looked really good. Seemed as crowded as ever and at least Caliver were selling CoC

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Re: Colours Today

Post by olyreed »

Read somewhere there was some stuff knicked from a couple of trade stands this year which is a damn shame. Went to sell some stuff at the bring and buy but gave up after seeing the queue. My cousin queued for 2 hours to get his stuff on the b and b. So i think i made the right decission

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Re: Colours Today

Post by EvilGinger »

Sad when that happens especially as most of the traders are small to micro businesses.

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Re: Colours Today

Post by PaulBaldwin »

Popped down for the day, hanging off LardFarmers tractor. I bought a big pile of 15mm tanks for IABSM and CoC and a few odd packs from Peter Pig to finish off my US company. A good day and a bigger to do pile.


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Re: Colours Today

Post by Timmo »

I went on the Saturday. The first show I've been to in 3.5 years. I enjoyed the day, and as always I missed a lot. I spent £10 on a Miniature Wargames CD and that was it but I didn't really go to shop. I took one look at some packs of Perrys and beat a hasty retreat thinking they looked like far too much hard work. I did try to buy some AB WW2 for CoC but there were very few packs left on the Millicast stand and nothing I wanted.

I agree the grass mat looks great, shame on the price. That's an expensive table if you need enough to do an 8' x 6' ie. £180, yikes.

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