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Re: Advice, opinions and recommendations

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There's a games club in Uckfield. Whether they play TFL games though is a different matter

Uckfield Tabletop Gamers
A friendly and active group of friends who welcome all gamers playing all miniature, board and card games.

Foresters Hall Harcourt Close Uckfield, United Kingdom, TN22 5DT

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Re: Advice, opinions and recommendations

Post by AceFaceMod »

Cheerz again everyone, for the replies etc :)

Big Bob: Thanks mate, I'll get in touch with them.

Clean living under difficult's a Mod thing! 8-) :D

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Re: Advice, opinions and recommendations

Post by Flinty »

Apologies for verging into Necro here.

If you do go Dux - but lets face it, once you start, you'll 'dip' into Infamy, Sharp Practice and I bet CoC wont be far behind - have a look at Footsore Miniatures -

Lovely 28mm metals, everything you need for Post Roman and early Saxon; the Saga deals sometimes give you a good price without being too game system specific, and you can just about get away with squeezing some of the other Dark Age figures into your Warband - some of the unarmoured Goths for example.

Not being much of a painter, I find I can get a decent finish on them, which not only makes me happy, but spurs me onwards. I reckon I could now easily field at least two full Warbands for both sides at the same time. Can't recommend Little Big Man Studios for shield transfers and flags high enough - saves a lot of frustration:

I exclusively play solo, the big issue with Dux for me was controlling the hand of cards for the opposition. I struggled, and just after the Butterfly Effect struck again (see opening line) I read this: ... ement.html

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Re: Advice, opinions and recommendations

Post by Jeremy »

Dux Brit is really for the Early Saxon invasion of Brittania. As such, the Victrix figures are quite unsuitable. They’re for Vikings or Later Saxons who had larger shields instead of the buckler type shields. The Gripping Beast plastic Late Romans make superb Arthurians. If I was to suggest anything, it would be to go Footsore Miniatures for both Romano-British and Early Saxons

I also think that Dux Brit are the best rules to use for entry into the Lardy Stable. Infamy! as good as it is, is a lot more trickier to play and master.

I honestly think Dux Brit is the great unsung hero of the Lardy stable.

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Re: Advice, opinions and recommendations

Post by genew49 »

Congratulations! You have the same OCD-ness I have. If at some point you decide to look at COC keep in mind it is an infantry heavy game so you only need a few vehicles. If you choose to play in 20mm plastic vehicles can be found at a reasonable cost. The infantry units are platoon size with supports so again not tons of figures. Paper Terrain offers “hamlet” sets which generally include 5 buildings, more than enough for most COC scenarios. 1:72 plastic and 20mm metal figures are plentiful, especially metal on your neck of the woods. Not trying to change you mind about where to start, just some information for down the road.

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Re: Advice, opinions and recommendations

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FWIW, with just a little bit of modification Dux Brit works really well for the viking invasion of Britain.

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