What A Wild West Tanker

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Big Bob
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What A Wild West Tanker

Post by Big Bob »

I heard somewhere that someone had tweaked the What A Tanker rules to use for wild west gunfights. Is anybody able to let me know what the tweaks are? I fancy having a go at this


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Re: What A Wild West Tanker

Post by Quackstheking »

This is being done by John Savage and he was looking for play testers in the Virtual Lard Discord room being runny Jeremy Short for Virtual Lard 2 next weekend.

John is a member of this forum so drop him a PM


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Re: What A Wild West Tanker

Post by Jfuller39 »

Just want to throw it out there for folks considering this, Knuckleduster Miniatures (makers of Gunfighter’s Ball, an old west very small model count game) has some incredible models. He’s got over 100 gunfighters (Many you’ll recognize) and probably 40 civilian models as well to populate the area. I really enjoy the game but if folks were looking for a few well done models for What a Western, I highly recommend them. Also solid customer service. Shipping is a bit pricey but the models feel reasonable to me. I find them on an eBay shop who charge list price and cheaper shipping. PM me if anyone is interested in the shop name.

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Re: What A Wild West Tanker

Post by Gorgeous_George95 »

Not sure if people have seen but Rich has made up some Lardville terrain on Twitter. Looks cracking.

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