Simple infamy question...

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Re: Simple infamy question...

Post by DougM »

I don't have access to a copy of infamy, but generally speaking, at the lower levels of game that are Lardie, you typically don't see unit standards, otherwise every Napoleonic Battalion would be carrying 60 flags.

I do add standard bearers to deployment points in some cases, and I always paint up one or two, so I can rescale for other games, or use them in scenarios.

For ancients, so far, all mine are on 1p. I struggled with a couple of the Northstar figures that are a bit bigger.

Tim Haslam
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Re: Simple infamy question...

Post by Tim Haslam »

I’d like to use 1p coins for my rank and file, and 2p coins for characters. But the size of some of these ancient figures worries me that they won’t fit.
If I have to compromise and use 2p coins for rank and file then that is fine, I’ve got a stack of these too.
However I was concerned it may compromise play with other gamers?

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Re: Simple infamy question...

Post by SteveBurt »

I much prefer 20mm squares to 20mm round - you get a lot of extra room on the diagonal for bigger bases, but the figures still form up nicely in close order. I clip the corners.

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