Infamy, Infamy Romans

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Infamy, Infamy Romans

Post by Quackstheking »

For those of you who do not follow Facebook, Rich Clark has released the first You Tube video for the upcoming rule set.

The first video, features how to build a core force for the Early Imperial Romans. There are three different core forces and Rich walks you through the figures and organisation of each one. This will be one of a series showcasing the armies which will be in core rule book.



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Re: Infamy, Infamy Romans

Post by Kustenjaeger »

Thanks for the link. It was an interesting little view.

I am thinking about using 15/18mm EIR vs Dacians (as I can’t really justify 25/28mm though a friend has EIR 25mm so could use those).



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Re: Infamy, Infamy Romans

Post by WillieB »

I've long looked for an excuse to get those Aventine EIR....
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