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Re: Lard Magazine

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It somehow fell out of the published text, but the extra rules for Karnstein are from Sid Bennet, from one of the specials a few years ago.

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Re: Lard Magazine

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Whats the best way to view the mag? Download onto phone or laptop?

I guess I could print off on lovely glossy paper at work...

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Re: Lard Magazine

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So good, I went mad and bought the 2018 one as well!
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Re: Lard Magazine

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I sent corrections to Nick, but I think they got missed prior to publication, so I'll post them here. There's one error and one omission in the Totensonntag PSC:

Error: The South African player starts with 4 Support Points in Campaign Turn 1, which increases by one in each Campaign Turn. That means that by Turn 3 the South African player will have 6 Support Points, not 7 as given in the text.

Omission: As a List 2 option, the German player is allowed to purchase a "Red Die," which operates just like the Red Die in the Blitzkrieg 1940 supplement. However there is no restriction to the number of support units the German player must take to be eligible to purchase the “Red Die” as a Force Support Option. This additional die is lost once the German player’s Force Morale drops to 4 or less.

The intention of the Red Die is to allow the German player an option that yields a slightly better chance to coordinate his armored platoon (which consumes 3s) but which comes at a cost - especially as infantry supports get increasingly expensive.

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