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Blinds and Terrain

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:02 am
by VonBek
Hi Everyone

I'm new to Charlie Don't Surf and want to do a couple of presentation games at my local club to generate some interest.

From my practice games I really like these rules.

However I'm having trouble understanding using terrain as a blind and then how they are spotted.

1. If I have a blind allocated for a platoon but want to hide them in terrain do I leave the blind off the table? Therefore giving my opponent a heads up something is hidden in terrain instead of on a blind.
2. Do I need to pre-record where the platoon is hiding in terrain?
3. When spotting in terrain and nothing is found should it marked as checked?

Probably completely misunderstanding how this plays and any assistance would be appreciated.


Re: Blinds and Terrain

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:43 pm
by Vis Bellica

No probs. Happy to answer.

I generally operate a system that uses two types of Blind: a hidden Blind, where the Blind is invisible until spotted; and a Blind, where the troops underneath the Blind are hidden until spotted.

At the start of the game, any player with a hidden Blind would mark its position onto a map, or note it down onto a bit of paper etc. but not place the Blind onto the table.

Yes, that means that the opposing player has no indication that a piece of terrain contains enemy troops. That's why it's a hidden Blind and not just a Blind.

I generally define any hidden Blinds in the scenario, as they would only apply to troops deliberately dug in and hiding as opposed to those who, say, had just arrived on the battlefield/tabletop in march column.

If his opponent successfully spots the area containing the hidden Blind, then I would place the Blind on the table (but not the troops under the Blind). At this stage I also put down any trenches or bunkers etc.

If the (now not hidden) Blind is successfully spotted again, then I would put the troops underneath it down onto the table.

Note that if a hidden Blind wants to move, then I make the player put a Blind onto the table, counting the hidden Blind as no longer hidden, just a normal Blind now.

Finally, I don't usually mark a piece of terrain as having been successfully least not unless the player marks it with smoke or something!

Hope this helps



Re: Blinds and Terrain

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:29 am
by VonBek
Thank you for a really helpful answer. All makes sense to me now and I'll be using the system you suggested. Thanks again Cheers