Blinds in difficult terrain

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Blinds in difficult terrain

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Blinds are better off in difficult terrain. On page 17 the negative modifier for terrain on movement is reduced by 1 pip per 'dice'. On page 18 it states that 'A blind deployed in Indian File will ignore the first -1" movement penalty of whatever terrain it is in.'.

Does this mean that all blinds get the reduced terrain modifier and will the Indian File also get this benefit (I guess the first means that you only get this for one 'dice' and not for all movement dice?



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Vis Bellica
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Re: Blinds in difficult terrain

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I think it's duplication.

You could give a Blind in Indian File a double bonus (i.e. -2 penalty off each dice rolled for movement) if you felt that you wanted to differentiate a normal and an IF Blind properly.

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