FNG and some questions

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FNG and some questions

Post by GavinP » Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:20 pm

Having played a fair bit of Vietnam in 28mm at a skirmish level I've finally got enough troops to do some 15mm CDS. I'm looking through to rules in preparation for a introductory game and have some questions.

1) Since I don't have any civilians or buildings in scale yet I'm thinking of running a smallish first game with a couple of platoons of US sweeping through some paddies and various forest/jungle terrain against a platoon plus couple of weapon teams of VC. US mission would obviously be sweep and VC mission being Evasion. Does this sound like it is a viable "quick" first game to get used to the rules? I'd like to play a game where we reach a conclusion in 2 - 3 hours even having to have our heads in the rule book all the time.

2) I cannot see any indication of how many tunnels a VC force should have although in some of the scenarios in surfs up they are identified. What sort of rule of thumb should we use for random scenarios?

3) I noticed that the blinds are a completely different size/shape to IABSM. What's the reasoning here?

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