Sharp Practice in Bristol October 7th/8th

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Captain Reid
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Sharp Practice in Bristol October 7th/8th

Post by Captain Reid » Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:59 pm

Which it will be a Sharp Practice Napoleonic War Extravaganza set in western Spain in 1811.

Two games on the Saturday and two on the Sunday. Attend either or both days, or just for one game on either or both days. Up to 12 players, with the possibility for more if demand is sufficient.

Games to run roughly 1030-1330 and 1400-1700 on the Saturday and 1015-1300 and 1330-1630 on the Sunday.

It will be held at Bristol Independent Gaming

This will have the spirit of a typical Lardy day but be more of an 'impromptu campaign' day than the typical umpired games and will be similar to the two French and Indian War events I've done: A Scapling Party and Unbridled Savagery.

Bring your own French, British, Portuguese, Spanish or Guerilla force (this is encouraged and while I'm not overly fussed about points, anything around 50 will work fine and more is splendid if you don't mind another player potentially sharing them for a game).

Or fight using supplied models either as the gallant French 69e Ligne (enough for 4-5 players), or as the 95th Rifles, the stalwart 1/3rd Guards (including my ancestor Private John Hunter - don't get him killed please), or the guerillas of El Hombre Sin Nombre (enough for 4 players).

Scenarios will include:
Donkey Sauté
La Señora Adora Heras
Guerillas in the Mist
and the classic Fray Ricardo y el Convento de la Virgen del Apretado Coño
and more.

There will be windmills and pigs.

Six players signed up so far and about a dozen places available - which can be increased if enough attendees can bring their own figures and suitably 'Peninsulary' terrain.

Post below, PM me or post on the Facebook Event Page if you'd like to come and/or if you've any questions.

Obviously I'll want to balance French and Allied armies, so if you can do either, please let me know. Anyone with Portuguese or Spanish forces will be doubly welcome. Eating and drinking available on the Saturday evening for those interested too.
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john de terre neuve
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Re: Sharp Practice in Bristol October 7th/8th

Post by john de terre neuve » Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:16 pm

It looks like a great day.

A little too distant for me to travel I am afraid.


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