Chain of Command at Adepticon 2017

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Chain of Command at Adepticon 2017

Post by Willy » Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:33 pm

I will be running a 15mm Big CoC event at Adepticon in Chicago in March. There are 2 Chain events this year, one in 28mm on Saturday and this one on Friday evening. We had a good Normandy game last year, and this is a new scenario, new terrain, figures, continent, etc. There is room for 6, with 4 spots left. I look forward to seeing folks there this spring!

Here is the blurb:

Chain of Command: Er Regima - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Rommel's relentless advance across Northern Libya depended on the rapid seizure of road and rail centers. With an eye on Tobruk in April, 1941, the newly formed Afrika Corps surged up into the escarpment astride the coast near Benghazi. One target was Er Regima, where a rear guard of Australians and heavy guns waited in their path. Can the British check the Germans, buying time for the withdrawal? Will the Germans beat history and quickly punch through the defenses?

Join us for our second annual Big Chain of Command game, laid out across a detailed table in glorious 15mm! All materials and miniatures provided.

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