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by jarhead60mm
Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:58 pm
Forum: Dux Britanniarum
Topic: Dux Questions
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Dux Questions

Played our first game of Dux and have some initial questions. 1 - When a close combat goes into the next turn is it resolved right away, or do you wait for the groups involved to be activated? 2 - If a Noble moves to join a group, can he move again with the group? Thanks in advance for your help. Te...
by jarhead60mm
Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:44 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Mortars
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I just finished reading "A Perspective on Infantry" by John A. English. I thought some Lardies might find this of interest seeing how mortar fire has been the subject of much discussion when playing CoC. Quote from the book: Mortars were described during WWII as "the man-killers in modern combat," a...
by jarhead60mm
Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:54 pm
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Topic: Hacked
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Someone should contact Richard and have him check to see if his email has been hacked.

I had an email from a Richard Clark in my Junk Box. It had some strange address. Just being cautious.

by jarhead60mm
Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:04 pm
Forum: After Action Reports
Topic: First game of Dux
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Re: First game of Dux

Great looking game!

Who manufactures the buildings and the guard tower?

Thanks, Terry
by jarhead60mm
Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:48 pm
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Topic: Dieppe Map
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Dieppe Map

I thought some Lardies might find this of interest. ... 0Maps.html

by jarhead60mm
Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:51 pm
Forum: Chain of Command
Topic: PTO Here we go!
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Re: PTO Here we go!

Hi Rich,

These are the only USMC manuals I have ever come across. 1942 Marine Corps Schools 1943

by jarhead60mm
Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:33 am
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Topic: US Military Manuals
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US Military Manuals

Rich and other interested Lardies, I posted this on the Yahoo group, but I know some just use this forum. I don't know if you have these or even know of them. Offensive Combat of Small Infantry Units (US Gov't Printing Office 1942) Defensive Combat o...
by jarhead60mm
Mon Dec 15, 2014 10:55 pm
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Topic: Pacific Lists,
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Re: Pacific Lists,

USMC Late 1943-1945
Senior and junior leaders should be carrying either a M1 rifle or the M1 carbine. There were no smg's in the infantry regiment TO&Es. Series E had 78 Thompsons, Series F and G divisions only had 49 Thompsons in their TO&Es. Info from Vol. 5 USMC Operations in WWII.
by jarhead60mm
Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:41 pm
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Topic: WWII Pics
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I thought some Lardies might find this of interest. Very Cool!! CLICK .. HOLD IT AND DRAG YOUR MOUSE GENTLY FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ON THE ORIGINAL PHOTOS AND IT WILL BECOME THE EXACT SAME LOCATION TODAY .... DRAG IT BACK OVER AND YOU ARE IN 1944 AGAIN. To go to the next photo, scroll down. Http://intera...
by jarhead60mm
Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:33 pm
Forum: Chain of Command
Topic: Trying to adapt CoC to the Vietnam Conflict
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Re: Trying to adapt CoC to the Vietnam Conflict

Hi dwtaylor0, Books Anything by Keith Nolan. I consider these some of the best books on Vietnam. Unfortunately he passed away a couple of years ago from cancer. I always looked forward to his next book. Phase Line Green: The Battle for Hue, 1968 by Nicholas Warr Plt. commander Lima 6 by Dick Camp an...