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TFL Oddcast Number 11: A Bridge Too Fat

With the Crisis build finished a few days early, Rich and Nick decided to hit the road and head for Joe’s Bridge on the Belgian-Dutch border and try to follow the route North to Arnhem before heading to Crisis in Antwerp.  Planned on the hoof, this road trip Oddcast follows the Dynamic Duo on their somewhat chaotic trip North as they report from the key points en route as well as discussing playing on-line Kriegsspiel, building things for Crisis, rating troops for Arnhem and generally going to lots of interesting places.

Why not follow them by listening here:




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5 Responses

  1. Tom Ballou says:

    Caught behind the shithouse, that is the stuff of gaming stories for years…

  2. Tom Ballou says:

    Where are the two photos above taken?

  3. Greg P. says:

    Saw a similar vid on YouTube showing the before and after picture-mesh like above…very cool!

  4. Chris Brown says:

    Great podcast – and you’re so right about the importance of getting around the Arnhem/Oosterbeek battle areas; maps are just not enough!

  5. Big Rich says:

    Joe’s bridge is with the carrier and 88, Valkenswaard town square is the second.

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