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‘Shockley’s Rockets’ Sharp Practice Scenario

Well, we’re back from our holidays now, so work continues on presenting the scenarios from the recent Sharp Practice scenario competition for download.  Here we have a rather fun submission from the pen of Faron Bell of West Texas.  Some of you may be familiar with Lieutenant Shockley from either Faron’s blog or from the Convention games he has run.   You can check out what he’s up to here:    http://basilhare.wordpress.com/

Having left the delightful Margarita in safe hands, Shockley and his men have set off on another mission for Major Logan at the Castell de St. Pequeña, however all is not as it seems.  Will Shockly survive this encounter with the dashing Lieutenant Goodenot?  Will Margarita really be safe?  And whose is the mysterious grave in the walled cemetery?  Discover all this and possibly more when you click to download Shockley’s Rockets.

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2 Responses

  1. This looks like a fun scenario. I have most of teh figures to give this a go. Just need a small group of British Hussars and a rocket battery. I will probably use some stand ins. I love seeing other people’s scenarios. Especially how many big men are used and the sizes of the groups. It really shows the differences in interpretation of the rules well and probably reflects differences in playing styles as well too.

  2. Faron Bell says:

    You could easily sub in figures, as we switch out groups quite often according to who has what painted that week. Ex: In our Shockley’s Village Scenario, we have had Spanish, Portuguese and even Brunswickers involved at various times. I agree it’s fun to see what others are doing with SP.

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