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Bloody Bucket Pint Sized Campaign Arrives

When it comes to the Battle of the Bulge, much is made of the defence of Bastogne.  However, US troops were preforming valiantly before then, defending the front line outposts along the Skyline Drive in Luxembourg in a heroic attempt to blunt the German spearheads in the very first days of the battle.

Where some Divisions fell apart under pressure, the 28th ‘Keystone’ Division, nicknamed Bloody Bucket by their German opponent, stood and fought in a succession of last ditch stands which delayed Panzer Lehr reaching Bastogne by three critical days.

This Pint Sized campaign focusses on the 1110th Infantry Regiment’s defence of the Skyline Drive and the roads to the Clerf River, specifically around Constum, Holzthum.  Thirty-two pages in length, the supplement provides a full historical background, detailing the forces involved on both sides and using historical 1944 maps to show the area where the action occurred, the organisation and structure of the units involved and then an account of the historical action.  Then a campaign is presented which will provide anywhere between six and a dozen or so games as it covers the action on the 16th and 17th of December 1944.  A full range of victory conditions are included so you can fight your way to victory or defeat.

As always, this Pint Sized Campaign is available for the price of a Pint in our Lard Island local, just £3.80.  You can find it here:   Bloody Bucket

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2 Responses

  1. Greg P. says:

    Hello Gents,
    So my son and I have played 5 table-top games but 7 campaign turns, in the Blood Bucket campaign system. I must say what a great piece of work of the different mechanics introduce within this system. I posted a long over view in the Forum if interested of our game play.

    But I have one quirky question. My son is playing the German force and in the last two games, he manage to hit me (U.S. Forces) with two platoons on the maps. Thats is based off of his movement of troops through his assembly points. My question is concerning his troop Force Morale management; should he be using two Force Morale tracking cards – one for each platoon, to track their Force Morale? Follow-up question is do we treat this situation like a BIG CoC game, whereas I would get a free-bee COC die?

    Hope to hear back soon.


  2. oozeboss says:

    Greg P – good question. May I suggest that you post this on the Chain of Command forum at http://toofatlardies.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=35 for some pretty prompt & inevitably intelligently informed discussion? I’m getting this campaign for Father’s Day, so I will certainly be monitoring the subsequent conversation.

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