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Russian Napoleonic army Lists for Sharp Practice

Here we are at last, with the Russians weighing in.  Lots of discussions and debate about these and some of my ratings may appear controversial.  The suggestion to restrict the Russian capability to deliver controlled volleys seems wrong for me during the early years as they used a traditional linear drill with much emphasis on controlled volleys.  So, as with the Prussians up to Jena, I have made the controlled volley obligatory.  Equally, I have made their drill good but their “step Out” rating poor to reflect a measured approach.

After 1807 the Russians are more likely to attempt to mimic French column formations, and consequently the emphasis on firing by volleys has been lost.  As always with Sharp Practice, you can tweak this and other lists to reflect precisely the way you feel that troops fought.

Here’s the list: Russian Napoleonic Army Lists

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