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AWI Hessians for Sharp Practice

A brief list today after a busy weekend of gaming.  The main rule set contains troop rosters for the bulk of the forces for the American War of Independence, but the Hessians are not present.  To right that wrong, here are the details of the Hessian forces: AWI Hessians


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3 Responses

  1. Chris Hall says:

    Rich –

    A slight misprint – “Artillery from late July 1860” ? Otherwise great stuff ! I picked up a load of 28mm AWI figures at the weekend, so I’ll look forward to trying them out under Sharp Practice 2.

  2. John Pews says:

    Hi Richard,
    In the artillery description box it states from July 1860 !

  3. Andrew McGuire says:

    Actually it says ‘late July’. Detail is far too important to be casual about it.

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