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The “Sharpulator” Arrives

Okay, the name doesn’t work as well as the Chain of Command “CoCulator”, but if you want to cost up your units and see how they are rated it is just the ticket.

Units in Sharp Practice use some pretty standard terms to give a basic rating.  We have Elites, Regulars, Conscripts & Volunteers and Militia, but we can then fine tune all of our Groups to really reflect their particular qualities on the battlefield.  This could mean that one Group of Regulars fights in a very different way to another Group of Regulars.  To allow us to get just the right points value for our units we put them through the patent-pending Lardy Sharpulator.  You can find this enchanted document here:  Sharpulator

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  1. May 28, 2016

    […] This document gives you the details you need to design your own army lists. […]

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