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Chain of Command Abyssinia: The French Foreign Legion

With this list, the French Foreign Legion, we complete the full suite of army lists for use with Chain of Command:Abyssinia.

The Légion Étrangère (Foreign Legion) are perhaps the most well-known French infantry formation. The Thirties had seen them relegated to the role of garrison and construction troops and their glory days at the head of French expeditions were now behind them. Nevertheless they were still a volunteer force and composed of men on long-service contracts. Man for man they were still the formations with the most combat experience.

In this list we have combined a number of different elements to reflect the Foreign Legion using Chain of Command. For those wanting a more detailed discussion of the French Foreign Legion army list and its development and use in Chain of Command there is an article in the just released Two Fat Lardies Christmas Special, out very soon, authored by your esteemed administrator Arlequin, the principal author of the FFL list.

Get them both here:  2015 Christmas Special

You can find the Foreign Legion List here:  Foreign Legion Army List

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  1. May 18, 2017

    […] this clash the Italians and French Legionnaires, with Ethiopian Mehal Sefari in support, have at it in a fight over an airfield in the […]

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