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Chain of Command Abyssinian: The 8th Hussars

In 1935 the 8th Hussars were selected to be one of the three cavalry regiments in Egypt to be mechanised. They dutifully surrendered their horses to the remount depot following their last mounted parade on Armistice Day (11th November) 1935.

The plan was that the 8th Hussars would become a motorised cavalry regiment capable of keeping pace with other mechanised elements though insufficient vehicles were initially available to equip it properly.

Unfortunately only the 11th Hussars had vehicles, a collection of outdated Rolls Royce armoured cars. The 7th Hussars had not only surrendered their horses, but there were no light tanks with which to equip them. The 12th Lancers were dispatched from the UK however, along with their Lanchester 6×4 armoured cars so adding some punch to the British Light cavalry force in Egypt.

This list is a comprehensive and interesting combination of the many guises of the British Hussars in 1936 during The Abyssinian Crisis. There is alot in this list. It should provide for an interesting gaming force to use in Chain of Command:Abyssinia.

The army list may be found here for the British 8th Hussar

8th Hussars

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