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Chain of Command Abyssinia: The British Army, Soldiers of the King Emperor

The British army in The Abyssinian Crisis is next. Taking a close look at the interwar army of Britain you will most certainly find a different beast to what you think. 

Neither the army of the Great War nor the one you’re familiar with from France 1940, it reflected the move towards modernisation whilst still fulfilling its roles of colonial policing and ‘small wars’. 
By the end of the Great War the infantry was organised for a war in the trenches. Within platoons each section had a specific role and support elements that had been centralised so as to concentrate them to best effect. With no new war envisaged, this structure was virtually swept away overnight and replaced with one better serving the return to Imperial Service, one you can see with the Chain of Command:Abyssinia British Infantry army list.
This list will provide info seldom found with ease on the internet so it should prove useful to anyone interested in the armies of Britain in the 1930s.
You’ll find the list here:  British Army

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