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Chain of Command Abyssinia: Kebur Zebanga Army List

The Ethiopian Imperial Guard, Kebur Zabanga, was formed by a Belgian Military Mission in 1928 at Emperor Haile Selassie’s request. This was as much to secure his grip on power as it was to modernise his army. A subsequent Swedish military mission, along with Belgian Congo veterans, further aided in the development of the Imperial Guard making it arguably the preeminent African military force in the Horn of Africa before the arrival of the European interventionists.

Guardsmen were the cream of the warriors available for service, it being a great honour to serve the emperor. They were armed with magazine-fed Mauser rifles, smartly dressed and well disciplined and will surely give a good account of themselves in a capable Chain of Command player’s hands.  Review the list careful as it has strengths and weaknesses, but above all , it should give any opponent plenty to contend with.

You’ll find the list here:  Abyssinia Kebur Zabanga



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