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Chain of Command Abyssinia: The Ethiopian Chitet Army List

In this post we introduce the main protagonist against the Italians, the Ethiopian forces led by emperor Haile Selassie, defenders of their homeland. Off course historically these were the two countries that fought the real Italo-Ethiopian War and thus the actual conflict can be gamed by using the Italian and Ethiopian list alone, the British and French being an addition as part of The Abyssinian Crisis counterfactual.
The Ethiopian forces are diverse. They embody true feudal warfare culture all the way through to the Imperial Guard as a modern European style force trained and organised by Belgium and Swedish military missions – there is a lot of new and interesting concepts for Chain of Command players in these Ethiopian lists…I hope players embrace game play with these diverse armies.
We shall start with the Ethiopian Chitet list, move onto the Mehal Sefari ‘organised’ forces and finally the Kebur Zabanga, the Ethiopian Imperial Guard. These lists will bring a new dimension to game play and provide many options for those wanting to try something different in their Chain of Command games.
As an aside – for those that are downloading and looking at these lists, any discussion or points of confusion that you feel need clarification would be appreciated. When constructing these lists sometimes only a fresh pair of eyes can see an obvious error or mistake and the TAC authors would appreciate that feedback.
So, to the Ethiopians…  Ethiopian Chitet

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  1. David Stiedl says:

    Well done for opening up info on this fascinating country. Great research. I have worked there on and off over the past thirty years and one of the things that still amaze me is the incredible variety of people, customs and costumes across the country. A lot of it still unchanged for hundreds of years but comfortably co-existing with the very modern. So if you are fielding levies they could look like anything from crusaders to madhist hordes. Ethiopia Engraved by Richard Pankhurst is a great source book for tribal images.

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