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New Chain of Command Marker Set Available

Two of the things  we are regularly asked for are a set of Patrol Markers and a set of Jump-Off Points for smaller figures such as 20mm or 15mm.  We thought it would be a great idea to kill two birds with one stone and, in partnership with our chums at Warbases, we have produced sets of eight markers for both the Axis and Allied forces.  Each set contains four robust MDF Patrol Markers with either the Allied star or German Baltic Cross.  The four Patrol Markers are 5cm diameter circles and four smaller jump off points are 3cm diameter.  Both are in 3mm MDF laser cut and etched for each painting.

Here’s what they look like “naked”.

MDF Naked

I decided to slap a bit of paint on my own sets.  I went with a black undercoat for both before applying Vallejo Russian Uniform Green to the Allied ones and Middlestone to the Axis ones.  I then added some camouflage to the German one before detailing the Allied Star in white and the Baltic Cross in black.  The German one then got a yellow rim to make it stand out on the table.  On reflection, I think I might do the Baltic Cross in white and maybe replace the yellow with a bright red.  Early War Panzer grey would be a nice look too.  Part of the fun is deciding how you like yours!

The best news is that both the Axis and Allied sets are now available on the web site for just £3 each.  Now, there’s a stocking present for you!

MDF Painted



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3 Responses

  1. Thomas Nissvik says:

    Good stuff from Warbases again. I am planning on having him cut a CoC player aid and dice holder for our upcoming convention game.
    Oh, and Balk has nothing to do with Baltic or Balkan.

  2. Will says:

    Nice idea. You must be under pressure – Balkenkreuz translates as bean or girder cross not Baltic.

    Have a great Christmas

  3. Wee Derek says:

    What size are the markers?

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