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The Scottish Corridor, A Pint Sized Campaign

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Whether your favourite tipple is a pint of Heavy or a bottle of Bucky, the Scottish Corridor will provide you with a great campaign project for Chain of Command. Focussing on a key aspect of Operation Epsom, the campaign traces the first German counter-attack on the 28th of June, with disparate elements of four Divisions formed into two Kampfgruppe and attempting to cut off 11th Armoured Division as they pushed on across the Odon to Hill 112.

The campaign will generate between six and eleven games to represent the German attacks from both the East and the west along the National Highway between Caen and Villers-Bocage.  To the West, Kampfgruppe Weidinger was comprised of elements of Der Fuhrer Panzer Grenadier Regiment with support from 2 Panzer Division.  In the East, Kampfgruppe Frey was formed from lead elements of the Leibstandarte, just arriving in Normandy, and 21 Panzer Division.

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The first part of this supplement looks at the British plans and the German deployment in the area and then provides an overview of the situation with deployment shown on period maps like the 1:25,000 example above.  We provide a detailed but clear historical backdrop to events showing the terrain to the fought over, before then providing a complete campaign game to be played with At the Sharp End, our campaign hand book for Chain of Command.

The campaign section provides briefings for both sides, Army lists and Support lists specific to this action, scenarios and briefings and victory conditions. Once again, the campaign is fought to an end within between six games minimum and eleven games maximum, making this a great project to be played over a couple of months of club evenings.

Once again, the great news is that you can get all of this for the price of a pint in our Lard Island Local; just £3.60. You can read more or buy this fantastic new product here:  Scottish Corridor

This campaign can be played as a stand alone campaign, or may be used in conjunction with the Operation Martlet campaign.  Martlet can be found here:  Operation Martlet

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