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Corps Blimey!

Map ClipIt’s a busy time here on Lard Island as I am just getting all the pieces into line for our PBEM game of Corps Blimey.  This is a set of rules that is very much in the development stage but we have had tremendous fun with already.

In a nutshell Corps Blimey is a set of rules for large scale Army level games in the Great War that are played on maps, in the style of kriegsspiel, rather than with figures and a tabletop.  For this game we are using a beautiful 1:100,000 scale British Army 1916 map of the Amiens area that I have in my collection.  We have a veritable host of players in position, from Army commanders, Corps commanders and Staff Officers who are now getting their briefings and pouring over the same map that their historical counterparts would have used.

I plan to bring you updates of the game as it progresses, but both sides’ plans are cloaked in secrecy at present, so Mum’s the word!

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  1. Monash says:

    Keep Your Mouth Shut Soldier! 😉

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