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Playing BIG Games of Chain of Command

Its been a year since Chain of Command was published and what an exciting 12 months it’s been. We’ve certainly had a great time playing our games as well as getting forces assembled for the Spanish Civil war and modern variants. Of course, Chain of Command is a “platoon plus” sized game and like all games of that size there are a limited number of models on the table, and that limits how many people can play, and that has led to many of you asking us “Can it get any bigger?”. Well, you’ll be glad to know it can. And it just has!

Big Chain Cover copy_edited-1Our notes for playing large games of Chain and Command are simple and easy to add. They allow you to field one platoon per player for some really large games, and as they are so simple we’ve given them a simple name: Big Chain of Command. They are a no-frills set notes which, in truth, leave the main game rules are pretty much unchanged. We just have a few tweaks to the Force Morale in order to reflect the various platoons reacting to what is going on with friendly forces on the same table.

For the most part Big Chain of Command is really just notes to be read before the game. They show you how to rate your armoured platoons – tanks have always been support options in the past, you can now field whole platoons of them – and how to run through the patrol phase and game set up for the bigger version of the rules. The great news is that as the turn sequence in Chain of Command is not reliant on drawing chits, cards or dice, the system doesn’t slow down with multiple players and the core rules remain exactly the same throughout, so no great learning curve to embark on with Big Chain of Command!

To make things easy, we have added a number of pages to show how the various nations organised their armoured platoons so that you can follow historical precedent or just form an ad hoc “kampfgruppe” from the vehicles in your collection. However you enjoy your games, you’ll find that Big Chain of Command allows you to play these great rules in a more sociable big game atmosphere.

You can download the Big Chain of Command notes for free here: Big Chain of Command

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8 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    I like these, well done Sir! 🙂

  2. Les says:

    Just read them and like the rules a lot. Thanks we will be trying these out this weekend.

  3. Jules says:

    My Thanks very nicely done, plan to get that eastern suppliment to play too. Cheers

  4. Jonathan Yuengling says:

    Another great addition.

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  3. May 29, 2016

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  4. August 29, 2017

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