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So I lied…

Yes, I know I said no more brewery until I get back from Scotland, but I lied. The chimney I’d been waiting for arrived in the post and I decided to open the box, which, of course, was fatal. Within ten minutes I’d assembled it, then I based it, undercoated it, and it was clear I wasn’t going to get much else done today.

The kit was a simple Faller kit and like all of their models it went together very easily and with no issues. I undercoated this in sand colour, dry brushed on the red leather, washed it in ink and then more dry brushing to finish it off. Anyway, here it is.

2014-06-05 16.27.27I added the name of the brewery in the same font as I used on the signage.
2014-06-05 16.27.472014-06-05 16.27.56And I reckon that’s it. I need some fencing to create a yard, but that’s off the peg stuff. You can look out for the finished brewery in a game coming soon.

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10 Responses

  1. Geoff says:

    Nice chimney, or is a Nazi hidden railgun?

  2. Dalauppror says:

    Most impresive build !!!

    It Will be a stunning center piec on your wargaming table!

  3. Big Rich says:

    Dulauppror, many thanks. Praise indeed in view of how beautiful your tables always are!

  4. Elias Champayne says:

    Jesus H Christ! That sure is one mighty fine chimney. Just fine for snipers to climb up.

  5. Laffe says:

    The baffling thing is that it’s 1/87 scale, right? Still looks huge and immense!!! (Oeeerrr, miss!)

  6. James Manto says:

    That is absolutely fabby-do old sport!

  7. Pat Smith says:

    Fantastic work once again Rich.

  8. Fabulous centerpiece Rich and brilliant work on the lettering. Now you need a collapsed version… just sayin’…

  9. Big Rich says:

    LOL! I have actually been thinking that…

  10. Ludger Fischer says:

    Those large chimneys are truly massive piles of zillions of brickstones.

    At Colombelles at the outskirts of Caen – a place where there was hard fighting in an industrial area

    the chimney withstood aimed attacks against them and still offered good vantage points for the defenders!

    Mhm – Brits for my Stalingrad terrain?

    The fight is well documented enough for a bit of Coc after all!



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