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Chain of Command at Carronade

WinterNews just in from our Lard Ambassador to Scotland is great news for anyone attending Carronade this coming weekend. Monty, our man north of the border, will be running two games of Chain of Command set in Operation Winter Storm, the drive to relieve Stalingrad in December 1942.

Monty’s two games are taken from the series of scenarios written to cover this operation and which we hope to publish in the near future.

GAME ONE – DEFENCE OF POKHLEBIN set on the 5th of December 1942 is running from 10:30 to 12:30. After securing KOTELNIKOVO, the main town and railway station serving their assembly area, 6th Panzer Division continued its build-up in preparation for the coming offensive. Because they had such a large area to secure given the ‘absence’ of other troops to secure the area for them, they opted to create a series of mutually supporting strongpoints backed up by a powerful mobile reserve. One such strongpoint was POKHLEBIN. In Game One, we see the Soviets attacking a Collective Farm in the vicinity of POKHLEBIN as both forces move into the area and seek to secure it for themselves.

GAME TWO – THE ROAD TO MAJORSKI is set on the same day and runs from 13:30 to 15:30. As the Soviets were attacking POKHLEBIN, other forces pushed past and continued towards KOTELNIKOVO. This took some of their forces towards MAJORSKI, where the initial advance was blocked by the German defenders. This game takes place as that pause comes to an end with both sides seeking to push forward.

Please do come and see Chain of Command in action and chat to Monty about these and our other rule sets.

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  1. Stuart Drummond says:

    I played the German side in the second game and had a blast. I been following the development of the rules and have a copy but this was my first chance to play. I wasn’t disappointed and must congratulate all involved in producing this rule set. Thanks to Monty for his patience (and advice) and to my bold (but doomed) opponent!

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