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German 1939 Army List for Chain of Command

German 1939
With the Polish list posted last week we are now able to provide the 1939 list for Germany. At this stage of the war the Germans were still fielding large squads more reminiscent of 1918 than of modern wars and their armoured forces and armed SS were about to take to the field for the first time.

The list here provides for German Army and SS troops and their supports.
Germany – Infantry 1939

In the next few days we’ll be posting details of the Soviets who stabbed Poland in the back in 1939 and attacked a more prepared Finland before the year was out.

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14 Responses

  1. Edward Sturges says:

    Is there a reason for so many Sdkfz 231 entries in the support list?

  2. Juan Mancheño says:

    Yes, there are a lot of them!
    On the other hand, interesting list for the Early War. I´m expecting that of the Finland too.

  3. William Keyser says:

    Ok its been 6 hours where is the 1940 lists !!!!
    But thanks for the lists look forward to the 1940 almost finished my 20mm German platoon with four squads! The French will be fun with 12 men squads!


  4. Steve J says:

    Excellent as I have most of this kit in 10mm already.

  5. Simon Gaudin says:

    Great stuff – & you even upset the SS fans even better

  6. Ivan says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait for Finn’s, Soviets and maybe then 1940 French, Brits and Dutch.

  7. Martin says:

    I’ll second the call for the early-war French.

    Gotta love low expectation armies… if you lose, you can say that you’re just repeating history… Nothing to do with those traitorous dice… 😉

  8. Robert says:

    I spotted a small typo in support list 2:
    It´s called “Panzerbüchse”, not Panzerbüsche.

    This small mistake is funny, Panzerbüsche means as much as “tank bushes” or “armored bushes” instead of bazooka 😉

  9. Andrzej Wróbel says:

    Very nice, although diehards for SS in 39 is a little unsupported.
    They were inferior in all ways to Wehrmacht then.
    With best argument is massacre of SS Germania regiment.

    There is one small mistake.
    Pak 36 was 37mm gun not 36mm.

  10. Ville Savin says:

    The SS rate as Diehards but are also Green troops so actually die easier – pun intended 🙂

  11. Juan Mancheño says:

    I think Diehards is nice for the SS, if they are also Green; a perfect mix!

  12. @Andrzej,

    I suggested Diehards+Green to Richard to represent the poor training and great willingness to fight with disregard for own casualties – which marked the SS baptism of fire during the Polish campaign. The Heer commanders complained about the SS troops being very reckless and hard to control.

    So I think, in general, the representation is correct in order to portray them for the 1939 Polish campaign. They are more fanatics than great fighters, and I think the Diehards rule can represent both aspects.

  13. Greg Symko says:

    What about the German Mountain troops fighting the Poles in 39

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