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The Salute Podcast

Salute PhotoEver wondered what it’s like behind the scenes on the Lard Tour? Well, wait no more because now, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can join Rich, Nick and their very own pet celebrity, Sidney Roundwood, on their day out at the Salute show in London. Simply listen to all the thrills, spills, and general whinging on our special edition podcast:  TooFatLardies – The Salute Podcast 2013 , and you’ll feel as though you were there with us (word of warning, the link may take a little time to download).

Best enjoyed with lashings of ginger beer.


Rich & Nick

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8 Responses

  1. Randy Bircher says:

    Holy cow, tha’s some fine looking game.

  2. Stephen O'Leary says:

    Love the choice of music!

  3. That was fun. Some interesting insights, nice chats and a good measure of banter. Also, given the latest series of videos on Youtube (which I took the liberty to advertise on our blog, not the least since we’re anticipating CoC quite eagerly), TFL are going strong in the digital department. Hence, despite your assurances that this would be a one-off, here’s hope for more Lardie-podcasts to come. 🙂

    Cheers, Tilman

  4. Nick Skinner says:

    Thanks for the feedback one and all. I played it on the car stereo this morning whilst taking my 14 year old son to his work experience – a journey which, funnily enough – took exactly the same length of time as the podcast. I was expecting him, Mr Digital Savvy, to rip his ‘uncool dad’ to bits but I have to say that he thoroughly enjoyed it, even though he has never played a war game in his life!

  5. As a side note: I noticed TFL, in the guise of Rich, briefly covered in the Salute video by Beasts of War – if just as an obviously indignant bystander. 😀
    See it here, about 50 secs into the show: http://youtu.be/LlHvJjAEZQ8
    Sadly, those fellows are rather interested in Space Pixies and such nonsense…

    Cheers, Tilman

  6. Pat Smith says:

    I spent a very enjoyable half hour, sat back in my armchair with a glass of wine, (no ginger beer sorry) listening to the wireless transistor radio of your grand day out at Salute, wonderful and thanks for sharing.
    I also very much enjoyed playing Chain of Command in the afternoon at Salute. Richard was running this one, I think you had probably lost your voice by then Nick. I don’t usually play games when I am at shows but this was a must for me and I am now officially hooked and look forward to the release of these superb and well thought out rules. Well done chaps.

  7. Derek H says:

    Love the look on Rich’s face in that beasts of War video. Indignant doesn’t begin to cover it.

  8. Elias Champayne says:

    Them Beasts of War are sure annoying kids. I’d whip their dumb asses.

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